Wholesale Energy Market Intelligence

Commodity Trading Advisor

Taurus maintains an in-house series 3 license and, as such, has unique insight into global energy markets and their price indicators. Our daily access to primary market intelligence optimizes buying opportunities, forces competition amongst energy bidders, and offers tailored financial trade solutions.

Professional Risk Management

Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis

Weather Models & Statistics

Major Economic Indicators

Major Geopolitical Events

Interest Rates and Equity Market Trends

Price Verification

Wholesale energy markets set the commodity portion of the retail price paid per kWk/Mcf. Taurus leverages its whole sale presence to drive competition amongst suppliers as well as provide insights that are critical when timing a retail transaction.

Market Intelligence & Research

Taurus Advisory Group derives its primary market intelligence through actively monitoring wholesale market prices and surveying institutional market participants on a daily basis. We also incorporate economic indicators and geo-political events as well as regulatory updates and prices trends into each clients’ recommendation.

Taurus’ independent market research desk publishes market intelligence as well as assists in executing contracts and providing customer support.


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